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About Us

Good at something? Never keep it to yourself, always share – that’s what we’ve been listening to, be it knowledge or skill or anything. And that’s where this store has taken birth from, with the moto to provide some insanely awesome designs we create to anyone looking for it.

Everyone wants to look the best version of themselves and we’re here creating and curating the best designs on t-shirts and hoodies so that you’d never compromise.

And coming to what exactly we stand for, it’s all in our name: TurtleDojo. Didn’t get it? Let us explain. One fact people might not have keenly observed about “Turtle”, is it never leaves its own shell and grows along with them, and that’s where we stand at – to deliver the best quality products, have delighted customers and all the ethics and philosophies we started with on day-1, would never leave us and only grow along with time.

Then comes “Dojo”, often described as the place where martial arts are practiced, for us, it is the place we practice, create and improvise on designs.

Trust us, only the best of designs reaches you and there are innumerous that goes to the drain (it hurts but can’t compromise).

So why wait? Join us in the journey of wearing and feeling awesome.